The Great Debate: Are Lawyers Luddites or is Technology to Blame?


We've heard for years that "lawyers hate technology." We've even heard some go so far as to call lawyers "Luddites." But it is true? We know one thing is true: lawyers don't use technology, as least not nearly enough.

During this one-hour webinar with industry experts Bob Ambrogi (LexBlog), Joe Patrice (Above the Law), and Jon Tobin (Counsel for Creators), we dive into the most pressing issues in legal tech today and what needs to change .

I love Woodpecker and I congratulate you on creating a piece of usable legal tech that doesn’t suck.
— Danielle Huntley, Attorney, Huntley, PC
With Woodpecker, we prepare court documents in minutes instead of hours, all while saving a TON on administrative costs!
— Courtney Howard, Paralegal, 5 Points Law Group

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