Woodpecker Auto-template

Woodpecker utilizes our patent-pending AI technology stack to automatically analyze your documents for words and phrases that are likely to change like names, dates, addresses, and organization names. Woodpecker Auto-template allows you to drastically decrease the time it takes to turn an existing document into a Woodpecker template. By automating the manual template creation process, Woodpecker can effectively streamline the process of migrating from an existing document automation platform as well as automate the most time consuming part of implementing a document automation tool: turning your documents to templates.

Getting started

To start using Woodpecker Auto-template, open up an existing document, launch Woodpecker and click “Turn my document into a template.” You’ll be presented with a list of field suggestions that Woodpecker found in your document. You can change the field type or reject each suggestion before Woodpecker automatically creates and inserts the fields for you.


Changing field types

Each field suggestion that Woodpecker Auto-template produces, has an inferred field type. Occasionally you’ll want to change the field type for one or more field suggestions. To change a field suggestion’s field type, click the dropdown arrow next to the field suggestion name.

auto-template change field type

Rejecting suggestions

There may be cases where Woodpecker Auto-template produces field suggestions that you would not like to create. Simply click the “reject icon” on the far right of a field suggestion to reject it.

auto-template reject field suggestion

You’re all set!

When you click “Create these fields”, Woodpecker will automatically create the field suggestions that you’ve selected and insert the fields into your document. At this point, you’ll have a ready-to-use Woodpecker template that you can customize further by creating additional custom fields, or start using your template by filing in new recipient data.