How to use Woodpecker in 3 steps


1. Open Woodpecker in MS Word

2. Add smart fields to your document

3. Input your data and automate!


Why Woodpecker?

Instant setup

Use Woodpecker within Microsoft Word and automate your existing documents in 30 seconds.  

Ease of use 

 Keep the workflow you've already perfected and continue to utilize the documents you already have.

No more mistakes

Eliminate formatting issues, typos, and extended back-and-forths that waste time and money.


Don't just take our word for it

Our favorite free Word add-in: Woodpecker
With Woodpecker, we prepare court documents in minutes instead of hours, all while saving a TON on administrative costs!
— Courtney Howard, Paralegal, 5 Points Law Group
I love Woodpecker and I congratulate you on creating a piece of usable legal tech that doesn’t suck.
— Danielle Huntley, Attorney, Huntley, PC

Getting started


Download Woodpecker from the Microsoft Office store and try Woodpecker Pro for free. Not convinced? Keep using Woodpecker Free for as long as you want, at no charge.