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A tech-forward lawyer for tech-forward clients

Danielle Huntley Webb is an immigration lawyer with her own immigration law firm - Huntley PC.  She focuses on millennial owned businesses and considers herself to be a very tech-forward kind of person. The kinds of services and the quickness that she delivers these services with makes her a perfect match for tech-using, tech-loving corporate clients.

Danielle works with a lot of companies that hire foreign workers and her clients consistently need her to work as quick as possible; things for them change very quickly so they need her to move quickly too.  This means that her clients need her to use the tools that they use.

Unfortunately, as Danielle told us, “One of the problems with a lot of legal tech is that it sucks.  It’s overpriced.  It doesn’t do what it says it does.  Frankly, it’s sold to folks who don’t use it.  There are tools outside of the legal space that can do far more than what a legal tech provider wants to sell you for a lot less money.”

For Danielle, what’s really important is efficiency. She doesn’t have the same pain points as attorneys in the older, larger firms that she competes against. In fact, because her competitors are large, slow moving, and unwilling or unable to adopt new technology, her use of the right technology, is what allows her to compete and subsequently siphon off clients from her larger competitors.

Woodpecker works in Danielle’s world because it works in Word

Danielle found Woodpecker when she and her husband began a search for document automation solutions for her firm.  That search started out poorly: “A lot of the document automation solutions out there are designed for really huge companies.  Or, if designed for a small law firm, they’re terrible.”  Danielle uses a well-known, online case management system to run her firm, and she loves it . . . for case management.  When she tried to use that system’s document automation features “they were too clunky.”

She needed to find something that satisfied her need for documents that she creates over and over again. According to Danielle, the fact that Woodpecker allows her to work within Word is immensely helpful because that’s where she spends all of her time drafting documents. She may have multiple browser windows, various research documents, and everything related to a given case open on multiple monitors, but all of her documents live in Word. At the end of the day, Word is the most frequently used and powerful software tool in Danielle’s arsenal.

“It just works”

One of Danielle’s favorite parts about Woodpecker is that it doesn’t take more time to automate a document than it does to type up the document itself (something she’s frequently experienced with other automation tools): “It just works.”  In fact, Danielle couldn’t think of any dramatic or suspenseful stories about how Woodpecker had “saved the day” for her, because – more importantly – it prevented those kinds of moments from happening altogether: “Honestly it shines for me in the everyday.”

“One of the things that will never die in the practice of law even with all of the technology and automation is for clients to feel like they have that relation with you and that human touch – so any tool like Woodpecker that gives me more time for that is great.”

Practicing law is still all about spending time with clients – and Woodpecker enables you to do much more of it

Most importantly, Danielle told us how Woodpecker allows her to spend more time with her clients: “One of the things that will never die in the practice of law, even with all of the technology and automation, is for clients to feel like they have that relationship with you and that human touch – so any tool like Woodpecker that gives me more time for that is great.”

Woodpecker even helps Danielle think more about automation in general and allows her to be more creative with automation in her practice: “Seeing how much document automation saves me time makes me think about other ways I can do that in my practice without losing touch.”

A 100% recommendation

Finally, when we asked Danielle whether she recommended Woodpecker to others, she told us wholeheartedly “Yes.  100%.”

Looking for a document automation that works the way you work, that shines in the everyday, and that doesn’t suck? Try Woodpecker free today.


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