Woodpecker Named Zapier's "Best Free Word Add-in"

Zapier Woodpecker

We work hard to ensure that we provide our users with the best legal document automation tool that we possibly can, and folks are taking notice! 

Zapier, the leading workflow automation service, has named Woodpecker the Best Free Microsoft Office Add-in, and we're both humbled and excited to see that our efforts have caught their attention.

Zapier Woodpecker

The sorting process

Describing its decision-making process for determining the Best Free Add-ins for Microsoft Office, Zapier states with over 2,000 add-ins to sort through, they looked at the top 100 highest rated add-ins within each of the different Office product categories.

After determining which add-ins to evaluate based on selected desirable features, they downloaded 47 different free add-ins to give them a try.

They were not only looking for free add-ins, but also those that appealed to a large audience, had broad use, and could be used with all Office 365 subscription levels. 

We made it!

Out of the thousands of possible Microsoft Office add-ins and hundreds of top-rated applications that Zapier examined, Woodpecker was chosen as the Best Free Add-in for Word. Forgive us for being self-indulgent, but we're pretty thrilled about this.

Zapier took notice of Woodpecker's simplicity and reduction of redundancy during the template creation process, and pointed out that Woodpecker can be used to increase document creation and drafting productivity outside the legal industry as well.

By standardizing frequently-used Word documents and automatically populating simple information, Woodpecker streamlines everyday tedious paperwork that unnecessarily consumes valuable time and precious energy.

The ease with which a document can be produced and communicated to clients and business partners makes Woodpecker stand out from the crowd as a top-tier document automation and prep tool.  Users see productivity time savings of up to 75% when they add Woodpecker to their professional toolkits.

Introducing Woodpecker Pro

We've expanded the Woodpecker offering with a premium alternative that helps users take advantage of some of the awesome, time-saving features that we've been developing.

Woodpecker Pro gives firms the ability to streamline and standardize their legal documents easier and faster than ever before and to share documents online across teams, ultimately save hours of work. Hours that can be spent on other clients, bringing in new business, or going on that much needed vacation.

Of course, we wanted to ensure that Woodpecker always has a free option which is why users can still opt for the free version of Woodpecker and use it as for as long as they’d like.

Thank you

We want to sincerely thank all of our users for helping us make Woodpecker awesome and for being a part of our community. We couldn't have made it this far without you!

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