Why Embrace Document Automation?

Filling out paperwork can be one of the major bottlenecks that prevent a project from getting done on time. Most small business owners would love a document management solution that makes the paperwork process go faster and results in fewer errors. Luckily, the tools you need to make this happen are now available as part of a comprehensive document automation strategy.

Why adopt document automation? Here are some simple reasons:


Duplicate work

It's a waste of time to do work twice

If you have to make copies of an old form or develop a new version of an invoice every time you need one, you're duplicating work and making it harder for administrative folks in your company to standardize their documents. Using document automation, you can create templates that are easily accessible by all members of your team. If you decide to update a document, it's updated for all employees who have access to it. This automatic change and distribution saves you time and reduces waste. 


Multiple forms of a document

Saving multiple forms of a document is tedious and produces errors

Not only does recreating a document take time, but having multiple versions of a document while it is "in process" creates a trail of old versions that can easily be sent out by mistake. Word document automation means that the only version you have is the most updated version, even if the changes and revisions are saved in the history of the document. Your team will be grateful that when they quickly reach for the document they need to send to a client, they'll always get the most up to date version.


Cloud storage and back-ups

Embracing electronic storage and automatic back-ups is a good thing

Using document automation tools reduces the need for paper back-up copies. While you may still want to keep some important contracts in physical form, creating multiple electronic back-ups is easier to do with workflow automation and results in less misplaced items. A physically misplaced document can be gone forever; with advanced search algorithms and an intelligent set of cloud-based back-ups, you can always recover a document online.


Lack of an efficient document management system shouldn't waste time and money in your organization; consultants, legal professionals, and other businesses are realizing what Woodpecker can do for their workflow. With automatic updates and an intuitive interface, Woodpecker makes it possible to share and standardize documents that are used across an organization via a simple add-in within Microsoft Word. Give Woodpecker a try to see how document automation can benefit your firm.


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