The Importance of Standardizing Your Legal Documents

More than half of the documents produced by legal professionals are repetitive. Processing these documents manually is not only an incredibly tedious task—it’s time-consuming and is susceptible to errors that could negatively impact your firm. Whether you invest in a comprehensive document management system or opt for free or low-cost Microsoft Word add-ins like Woodpecker, there are numerous reasons to standardize your legal documents. 

Spend less time on monotonous paperwork

The majority of documents produced by law firms are documents in which most text remains unchanged. Time spent drafting paperwork is often unbilled time for lawyers — and the hours you spend on paperwork could be hours you spend making your firm money. By standardizing these documents, you will save on documentation preparation time and free up your schedule to focus on billable work.

Ensure consistency across your firm’s memos, briefs, and client documents

When preparing contracts manually, whether from scratch or from an old template, it's easy to encounter issues with inconsistent formatting, word choice, and varied clause usage. Especially when multiple lawyers are working on different contracts simultaneously, standardized templates help to ensure that your team will produce professional, error-free documents.

Eliminate the potential for mistakes that can cost your firm

When copying and pasting from templates in Microsoft Word or simply editing an old document with information about a new case, details can easily be overlooked. Any lawyer knows that sloppy paperwork will not only reflect poorly on your firm; it could also negatively impact your client. Standardizing your documents will decrease the possibility of human error and ensure perfect paperwork.

Stay competitive in today’s rapidly-evolving legal market

Technology has significantly changed the legal profession over the last several decades, and embracing some of these advancements is critical to staying competitive in the legal marketplace. With websites like LegalZoom providing lower-cost legal services, reducing the amount of time you spend preparing documents can help you to offer competitive prices and prevent prospective clients from choosing the budget alternative. 

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