4 Tips for Creating Thumb-Stopping Social Media Content

With 81% of the United States population alone reporting that they use social media, having and maintaining a social media presence is without a doubt an essential part of staying connected in the modern age. Making your mark, however, can be quite a challenge. Here are our favorite tips for ensuring your content rises above the rest and resonates with those who view it.


social media interaction

1. Encourage interaction

While you shouldn't have to beg for comments, it's important to post engaging content that evokes a response. Including a question within your post is a great way to encourage interaction. For example, something along the lines of, "be sure to comment below" is a more passive way to invite comments, or at least establish that you're interested in what your viewers could contribute to your content. 


social media direction

2. Have a sense of direction

Keep your posts focused and on topic. If you have multiple ideas, spread them out over multiple posts to prevent overwhelming your viewers. Spreading your ideas out will also increase your reach. 


social media mobile friendly

3. Stay mobile friendly

With mobile devices accounting for over 50% of the market share worldwide and 80% of social media time spent on mobile devices, keeping your content mobile friendly is crucial. Otherwise, you're basically ignoring a majority of your potential traffic. Make sure that your images and videos render correctly on all platforms and devices.


social media vibrant

4. Don't shy away from imagery! 

Draw your audience in with bright, vibrant, and intriguing pictures. Whether it's an illustration, a nature shot, or simply something that inspires a chuckle, our increasingly limited attention spans thrive on captivating images. If you find yourself in a pinch, we suggest taking advantage of free stock photo sites such as Pexels. 


With 81% of the United States population reporting that they have a social media profile and the average user spending over two hours a day on social media, it seems that curating a social media presence is as natural (and necessary) as breathing in this day and age - especially if you're in marketing. Keeping your content engaging and interesting is imperative to resonating with your audience. For more tips and tricks, check out the "25 Easy Tips for Creating Great Content in 2018" from our friends at Caseo.


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