3 Microsoft Office Add-Ins Your Law Firm Should Be Using

With the right Microsoft Office add-ins, you can get a wide variety of time-saving benefits. If you’re running a law firm, Office add-ins can seriously boost your productivity and save you and your team a ton of time.

Check out our favorite Office add-ins for law firms below, and see how you can harness the power of Office add-ins to boost your whole team's productivity!

Consistency Checker – Outlook/Word

Consistency Checker Microsoft Office add-in

Consistency Checker is a powerful tool for law firms, especially when writing long, complex legal documentation.

While Microsoft Word has plenty of powerful grammar and style checking options, it can’t check for consistency. Consistency Checker can be used to evaluate emails, legal documents, and more, checking for things such as:

●      Consistent hyphenation of words

●      Spelling variations

●      Use of numerals

●      Abbreviations

This makes it much easier to remain consistent and appear more professional, no matter what type of document you’re writing.

DocSend – Outlook

DocSend Microsoft Office add-in

At smaller law firms, it can be hard to track different versions of documents. Documents have to be sent to paralegals, consultants, and clients – and you need to make sure that each person has access to the proper version of each document.

DocSend is an Outlook add-in that helps you manage access to your documents more effectively. You can even set expiration dates for downloaded documents, add or remove user editing/downloading privileges, and do so much more.

This makes it much easier for you and your team to stay on the same page, even when working on complex legal documents that require multiple revisions.

Woodpecker – Word

Woodpecker Microsoft Office add-in

Woodpecker is an add-in for Microsoft Word that makes it easy to standardize frequently used documents (like contracts and pleadings) and automates the document preparation process. Using Woodpecker, you can quickly craft reusable legal documents that automate the tedious process of preparing  documents for new recipients – saving you hours of time, and dramatically boosting your productivity.

Woodpecker also makes it easier than ever to standardize your documents and share them with your team. With just a few clicks, you can share a modernized, custom-branded legal template with anyone on your team.

And with Woodpecker, you can continue to utilize the Word documents that you already use, no need to switch to a new platform or document format.

Boost Your Productivity With These 3 Microsoft Office Add-Ins!

There are hundreds of fantastic Microsoft Office Add-Ins, but you probably don’t have time to try all of them out at your law firm. That’s why we’ve narrowed our choices down to 3 of the best add-ins for law firms.

So try out these add-ins and experience first-hand the time and money savings that will come with their use. Then watch your productivity skyrocket! After you've tried them out, you won’t know how you ever lived without them!


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