Our story

Woodpecker was founded and developed to solve an ongoing and pervasive problem that multitudes of people experience across industries and use cases. Despite the growing number of software products and services that exist today, document management, sharing, and reuse is still a pain. Woodpecker was created to address these issues and make document templating and sharing a breeze.

"Woodpecker for Word" is Woodpecker's flagship product, addressing small businesses' templating and standardization needs. We're constantly working on additional document management products for other platforms, so keep an eye out for a Woodpecker tool coming to your favorite platform soon!

Founded in Boston in early 2017, Woodpecker prides itself on developing software products with empathy. Our users are at the core of everything we do and we plan on keeping it that way. We live to solve problems with the latest and greatest technologies and strive to develop products that make people's lives easier—not that add steps to existing processes.

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